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Dodder (bunny's seed, Tusizi)


Hello YinYangHouse folks; Has anyone evaluated the effectiveness of taking dodder (bunny's seed, tusizi) for male impotence?

Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

best regards;



Tusizi taste is spicy & sweet, nature is neutral, go into kidney and liver meridians. tonify kidney yin and kidney yang. single use herb no much effective, usually use in herb formula: Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan, for male infertility.


Hello YinYang House ,I would like to ask if there is side effects or toxicity in Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta chinensis seed)? And What herbs could or may compliments to this? Your help in this matter is higly appreciated.Thank You Very Much.


You should start by reading the Tu Si Zi page within our TCM herbal database. That contains all the information we have on the herb and which formulas it appears in.


Hi Chad; I hope you are well. I have tu si zi herb in its raw form without combination in formula. Is it safe to make a tea from this single ingredient? If so, then how is it prepared to drink as a tea?

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