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Do you think i'm taking the right herbs?


I have the conditions listed above. The migraines and headaches seem to be hormonal. I have acne with pus to my neck area mostly (ST channel). I bought your herbs for migraines (Pian Tou Tong Wan) d/t noticed chinese vitex in there and thought it would also help HA/ migraines that are hormonally related? Also bought the herbs for constipation ( Tong Bian Pian). Do you think these herbs go ok together and are ok to take at the same time together? I think i have a little bit of Kidney deficiency from my pulse reading. Do you think these herbs are ok to take with having that also or do you reccommend different or additional herbs? Thanks for your help!


Results are usually much better and quicker if you work with a practitioner locally who has the ability to go through your personal history and observe the tongue, pulse, etc. As you are in Denver there are no shortage of options...

Those formulas with the right underlying diagnosis would certainly be fine together, but there is no possible way to generalize about Chinese Medicine (see What Does Acupuncture Treat? to better understand this).

To help in our limited way via the internet, what type of response have you had to those formulas and how much and for how long have you been taking them? For many people with hormonally related headaches and skin conditions Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan (on it&#39s own or in combination with other formulas) is a good starting point - but again it is absolutely crucial to have a correct underlying diagnosis before choosing a formula.

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