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Do stomach points really treat neurasthenia and mental diseases?


According to Master Tong's acupunctureIt is believed that mania is due to heat in Yangming ever since the ancient times. Mental diseases are closely related to the stomach. Since It is often seen that those patients with mental illness have over-active digestive power the mania can be ameliorated if the excess syndrome of the stomach is regulated. Dian (withdrawal, depression) and Kuang (mania) can be treated by needling Fenglong (ST40) and Lidui (ST45). As for neurasthenic, tonifing the stomach to enhance the absorption of the nutrients and improve the mental functions will often cure it. To treat the neurasthenic, needling Lidui (ST45), Zusanli (or ST36), Fenglong (ST40) gives good result. Those points can be used to treat continuous nightmares. Also, the source of phlegm is the spleen and stomach, and is also related to many mental disorders. The points in the stomach channel are often used to resolve the phlegm. The same reasons apply to Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (Pinella Heart-Draining Decoction) which is good at treating dreamy sleep and mental disorders. Now, I was wondering if there would be some other forms of point selection to treat chronic fatigue, dizziness and like in addition to this theory? Please have your say for this. Thanks!


Yes, there are many but it&#39s often more productive to talk about point combinations related to specific diagnostic patterns instead of for western symptoms/conditions. In other words, while dizziness, for example, can certainly arise from dampness (i.e. spleen deficiency) it can also arise from liver yang rising which has little or nothing to do with the spleen/stomach spectrum. Same with chronic fatigue - that can be dampness, it can also be from more yin deficient/auto-immune related activity, liver qi stagnation, etc. So with all of these discussions proper diagnosis is the first step in Chinese Medical terms, then coming up with the points becomes easier.

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