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Dizziness after disembarkation


Dizziness after disembarkation from a long sea voyage. Has been months and still dizzy, especially right sided.


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are often used for a wide range of dizziness/vertigo issues. I would suggest you consult with an acupuncturist in your area and receive 3-5 treatments. You should also consult with an ENT if you haven’t already so they can physically inspect your ear canal and run some other standard tests.


I was asking from the perspective of other acupuncturists using points that they have found beneficial in this condition. Thanks.


An acupuncturist effectively never operates under the practice of the “best” point for this or that - it is all about effective diagnosis of the underlying causes and proper diagnosis, then tailoring the treatment to the individual - without that the entire value of the Chinese Medical diagnostic system is lost - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that.

That said, if you click on the link I created above you will see that page contains our acupuncture treatment for dizziness page as well as the tam healing for dizziness page - both of which have potential diagnoses and potential treatment option starting points that would then be tailored to the individual.


Thanks, I was not asking for the ‘best’ point, of course it depends on diagnosis and the underlying cause and tailoring the treatment to the individual! Disembarkation syndrome is not a common western medicine diagnosis I have heard of before. Thanks anyway.


If you know that “of course it depends on diagnosis and the underlying cause” - then it would be helpful to actually present that information. To get a useful response you need to provide appropriate clinical details - an example would be.

“I have a patient that has been diagnosed with MdDS, they have signs of kd yin deficiency and liver qi stagnation (based on x,y, z). I have treated the patient 3 times in the course of 2 weeks using x, y, z points, herbs, whatever… and while the signs of liver qi stagnation have changed in x,y,z way, there has been no noticeable affect on the vestibular issues - what other approaches could I take”


The client has only rung up as she is scared of needles. Have only spoken on the phone so far.

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