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Dissolving Kidney stones


Submitted By: dtimp

Does anyone have suggestions regarding how to dissolve kidney stones?

Also is there a connection between kidney problems andanlarged prostate (high PSA)?


You can read my section on kidney stones to herbal options and other information. But the best option is to find a practitioner locally and let them help you. These are very commonly treated with a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine and generally do well.


Based on my own experience when I suffered extreme pain with kidney stones I can suggest you something very simple and extremelly effective. It is an Ayurvedic treatment that you can do on your own. ( Kidney pain makes anyone desperate so we usually do whatever it takes... ))

<li>Take 15 cloves and put them in 2 litre of very hot water ( just after boiling ) for a short while. Take them out of the water when the colour becomes like clear champagne. </li>
<li>When cold, use this water as your only drink for at least 4 days.</li>
<li>You should drink at least 2 litres per day so you will need to prepare accordingly. The taste is very strong and somehow adstringent if the infusion is too strong. You can mix fresh water to bring it to a more acceptable taste. Remember that usually the good remedies are bitter.</li>

Check your diet. Kidney an Gall bladder stones are related with high intake of calcium and potassium.

Acupuncture will surely release your pain but will not get you rid of the stones so quickly as you need if you are in pain.

You can then repeat this treatment once a year just as a preventive measure.

Good luck

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