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i have suffered from severe gastritis and still i have red tongue with ulcers in the center of the tongue. a week ago i had high fever with pain in temporal region and eye along with vomiting of bile.

i have appetite but cannot eat normally and loose stools one or two times in the morning. i needle st 25, liv 2, cv 12, sp 6. can you give me some suggestion to heal my tongue and stomach .


Start by reading the stomach disharmonies section. The most common patterns and point prescriptions are included therein. If that section doesn&#39t answer your question, please ask again...


ulcers on the center of tongue means Stomach Qi been damaged, vomite biles means liver and Gallbladder Qi stag., the points should be: Gb34, Li 4, Lv3, St25,36,37, Ren12. The medicine should be "Huang Lian Su" for stool.

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