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Digestion Syndrome



I have the following symptoms and I would like your suggestion of TCM syndrome and some acupuncture points except ST36. Is it a heat or deificiency syndrome? If is heat syndrome then why the tongue coating is white and the tongue is not red?

about 1 hour after eating
stomach and intestines bloating, googling, swelling, wind, feeling like earthquake
urine little yellow with heat
tongue swollen, dry with slighty white coating, cracked lips, heat air in the mouth
eyes dry, little reddish, blur
nose and pharynx dry
shallow breathing
pulse fat, slippery, rapid
also unable to move, temperature of body not change, not cold, not hot, no cold hands/feet
If I dont eat then Ι feel tighening my stomach and intestines, If I eat a lot I have the above symptoms, If I eat little then little symptoms
sometimes acid reflux

after digestion
pulse normal
sometimes hungry, sometimes not
emotions normal

last month
I was practicing yoga in/out abdominal exercises, singing and
I was eating vinegar, spicy, butter

I wish you all, Happy New Year.



Are you an actual practitioner or are you asking for simple home remedies such as applicable acupressure points?

If your tongue coating is thick and white this is deficiency of the st/sp possibly with some lv qi stagnation (the upward aspect). While not directly related the tcm patterns and points described in our acupuncture for epigastric pain section will get you most of the way.

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