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Diffuse fatty liver NAFLD


Hi all I just thought I would mention that I had this and I am working on it. I would like to get a TCM perspective if I could. My MD says he sees nothing really serious and I saw the CT and there are some deposits in the liver. The liver is to have no fat or a very small amount. IDK why I have this if it’s weight loss or too much soda. :frowning: Well I think I will live.

I have noticed Lv Yin is deficient, Yang excess. And an abnormal heat in the Lv. Does that sound like a Dx in TCM? That might be related to NAFLD? Where the heat is from and why is it there is my question. The Lv is a yin organ. And I believe to be Cool and Moist. Like the Kd.


Hi there. I’m strictly speaking with the voice of a curious student, but I can say, Liver Heat is definitely a thing. If you have indications of Yang excess and Yin deficiency (pulse, tongue, etc) then absolutely trust it and trained practitioners will guide you to the right treatment. You obviously know already that the soda has to go, plus a couple of other things. A practitioner will be able to tell you, which food items is recommended for your condition.

I hope the experts on this page will be able to be more specific and correct me if I am wrong. The best to you and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I do like rolled oats. The only real processing they have had is the grout has been pressed to cook faster. So fiber is lost. I put wheat bran in with it so the fiber is returned. But there’s a difference in wheat and oat fiber. They are soluble in water and insoluble. We need both. People tell me greens. I will have to try them. I have found tofu is actually filling. There’s a way to go. :slight_smile:


Green is always the way to go. If you can develop a taste for broccoli and artichokes, your liver would probably like it a lot (unless contraindicated by other factors) Sounds very good that you have been able to find a liking in tofy, I never really got the taste :confused:
I’m not so sure about if it has got to be wheat though, many celiac people do fine without it, but if it solves a problem for you and doesn’t create a new one (again, if not contraindicated), then continue, it is almost always better than soda or the burgers :slight_smile: Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


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