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Difficulty in urination sec to spasm of urethral meatus


50 year old female has Hx of difficulty voiding x 13 yrs after surgical removal of poly like lesions around urethra.

Are ther any Acupuncture points that can relax the muscles of pelvic floor including urethral meatus


There are many, however, it is most important to treat the person constitutionally (i.e. as a whole). What is your overall diagnosis for the patient? What are the tongue/pulse and other symptoms to justify the diagnosis? What have you tried, for how long, and why do you feel it isn&#39t helping (i.e. what has changed and what hasn&#39t)?


I have not tried any thing yet. The lady has Hx of MVA 13 yrs ago , had some polyps removed around arethral region had gone thru dilatation of urethra.

She has anxiety issues, chronic constipation . back aches.

She is on anxiety medications

i am not good in tounge diagnosis , i have traing with Kiiko styl acupuncure. I nee some guidance how to pursue this case


I would address the consitution here too.

Is the liver controlling the muscles too taught? Maybe she&#39s xu in blood and yin/qi? Anxiety, consitpation can point to that.

If you can get her on herbs, that would be ideal too.

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