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Different results with acupuncture for my periods


Hi, thank you for any advice/suggestions in advance. I have had irregular period problems for a long while. Just to tell my history briefly in order for anyone to point me and my practioner in the right direction. When my periods started as a teenager, they were very heavy so doctor for some reason that I still don’t undestand prescribed me some meds that were like birth control and my periods were not heavy anymore. I took pills maybe for one cycle so not that long. Anyways, then they became so irregular and then later just absent. Western doctors would either prescribe progesterone or birth control. Few months ago, I pushed my new doctor to try find the root cause and she prescribed me thyroid meds at a very low dose. Nothing happened. Then I went in for acupuncture and I got my periods. After three cycles of that, when I decided to go off the thyroid meds with help of my acupuncturist because I don’t have any other symptom…well no periods again. My acuouncturist doesn’t think I should take any hormone or thyroid meds because I don’t show or have any symptom that would make those meds necessary. My question is- should I take the thyroid meds for one cycle to get a period so it won’t be like over 3 months since I had a period? I have been going in for acupuncture session once a week and taking whatever herbs they give me. Should I look for any additional herbs?


That really should be a conversation you have with the doctor who originally prescribed the thyroid meds, especially in the context of you saying you don’t have any [known] thyroid disorders.

When it comes to the cycle, given your long history of irregular cycles it is not terribly uncommon that you continue to have irregular or even no cycles for a while.

While 3 months with no cycle might seem like a very long time, given the history you’ve described I wouldn’t, as a practitioner, be all that concerned. I would say your best bet is to both talk with your western doctor about the thyroid meds and continue working with your acupuncturist.


When you say “additional herbs” - are you currently taking Chinese herbal medicine from your acupuncturist? If so what, for how long and at what dose?

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