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Different acupuncturists


I wish to have acupuncture once a week for fertility issues but often I am in different places. Is it ok to go to two different acupuncturists to maintain continuity ie to have acupucture every week or would this be counter productive ?


So long as the practitioners have discussed this mutually and seem fine with it I think it would be alright. I certainly wouldn&#39t see them entirely independently without giving them the ability to coordinate a bit. After a while, however, you should be able to go every other week at least, so it would only be an issue in the short term.

There are just so many styles and focuses within acupuncture that are in and of themselves not right or wrong. Having too people working on you without the knowledge of the other could easily create a problem or at best confuse them when you return and they see how your body is responding to treatment.


Thank you for your reply and the information.

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