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Dietary Dampness Draining Formula


Do any of you have any good damp-phlegm draining dietary suggestions/formulas you use? I live in a very humid climate which also seems to be the fast food capitol of the world, so almost all my patients have some form of dampness or phlegm.

I know some practitioners use concoctions of onions, green onions, ginger, etc. taken as a drink, but I am looking for any suggestions on this.



Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang & Gan Cao Gan Jiang Fu Ling Bai Zhu Tang are good for phlegm dampness. Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang: Fu Ling 12g; Gui Zhi 9g; Bai Zhu 9g; Gan Cao 6g. It is good for tonify spleen drain dampness specially for dampness go up to lung and heart chest area. Gan Cao Gan Jiang Fu Ling Bai Zhu Tang: Gan Cao 6g; Bai Zhu 6g; Gan Jiang 12g; Fu Ling 12g. It is good for dispel cold and dampness, specially for waterly phlegm on lower back and kidney area.


Thanks Feng Mei, but I was actually asking about DIETARY advice you give your patients. Any thoughts?


The "red tea" can remove phlegm and drain body water, add some Shan Zha(Crataegus) and Chen Pi(dry orange skin) will be more effective.


I don&#39t have a miracle diet to remove dampness but the logic from the herbal side of Chinese Medicine stills holds true - and that is to strengthen the spleen. The problem with this within the standard american diet (SAD) is that it is an uphill battle. To me, and what I counsel my patients on the most, it is all about restricition and control than adding anything else in to make it better. As most practitioners in our field know, you must eliminate milk primarily and strongly limit dairy, cold raw foods (salads/lettuce particularly). In addition to that eating, as much as possible, whole foods (any kind really), perhaps working in some ginger to the diet and/or mint teas, and eating much smaller meals when possible will go further than any other advice.

Most of my views on the subject are covered in the following two articles:

The "Eat Like a Human" Diet

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