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Diet for SP qi def. and LV,GB damp-heat


Hello. I'm a little bit confused about diet. My condition seems to be spleen qi deficiency with damp-heat in liver and gallbladder. I'm not sure what to eat and what to avoid because for spleen pungent spices such as aniseed, black pepper and cinnamon are recommended but I'm afraid they might worsen the liver heat. I'm a beginner in TCM so I don't understand the five element theory well yet. For example if some food is cold in temperature and sweet in taste, is that food good for strenghtening spleen? Spleen likes sweet taste but not cold. I'm really puzzled which food will strenghten earth (SP, ST) but cool wood (LV, GB)? Thank you for your help. Recently I try to avoid dairy, fried, fatty and raw food.


Yes, usually spleen like sweet taste, but it not means sweet food will go into spleen meridian, just eat sweet food may not strenghten earth Sp or St. For example, in tonigy Qi herbs, the Da Zao taste is sweet and warm, go into Sp, St meridians, it can strenghten earth Sp, St. In clear damp heat herbs, the Long Dan Cao, taste is bitter, cold, go into Lv, Gb meriians, it can clear Lv, Gb damp heat, the Long Dan Cao is herb not a food, may add into the Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang for you, but Da Zao is just a kind of Date, it is also a food, you can eat daily, but not too much, because it is warm, and easy to burn body&#39s fire energy, just 2-3 put into green tea for daily drink, will be enough. I remember the herb Xia Cu Cao is for clear fire heat, taste is bitter, pungent, cold, go into Lv, Gb meridians, it can cool down Lv, Gb fire, it also can drink as a single herb tea.


I think I can understand about the herbs, now I&#39d like to understand more about what to eat because I think that diet has a huge influence on a treatment. I also think that even you use some herb formula to improve your condition the final effect will be less effective or maybe none.


Chinese food for tonify and warm Spleen and Stomach, for example: Steam silver carp with ginger and salt, eat with steam rice. This food formula is for Spleen and Stomach cold deficiency patients. An other food formula is: radish and lamb meat boil with water add some salt, for Spleen and Stomach cold and deficient patients, also for kidney and Spleen Yang deficient patients.


Try to get hold of Daverick Leggots book on nutrition in Chinese medicine.

Spleen benefits from warm, dense foods; root vegetables are good. It depends where you live and what season you are in right now, but mostly, the seasonal energietic of local foods match the seasonal energetic of the element. But, spleen is often damp and overworked so, we could all do with looking after it!

Cold/raw/sugary foods harm slpeen. So, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast instead of juice and cold cereal. Soups with root veg and barley. Same with stews and casseroles.

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