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Diet for Kidney Detox


If you could please help me I would appreciate it.
My acupuncturist has diagnosed me with needing to detox kidneys, liver and yin deficiency.
I would like to know the best diet for this.
Thank you!


So the best person to answer that question would be the acupuncturist you are seeing as they are most familiar with your case. Our TCM dietary therapy section might be interesting reading for the basics however.

That said, don’t too closely correlate the physical kidneys and your physical liver with the ideas of the liver and kidney systems in Chinese Medicine - they are more related to systemic functions and far less related to the physical organs. For more on that, read “My Kidneys are What?” and “My Liver is What?”.

Further the concepts of “detox” are often not valid and are thrown around far too freely in my opinion within alternative medicine circles. Generally speaking kidney yin deficiency with liver yin deficiency is a state of long-term overstimulation. So less thinking, less worrying, less stimulation is the general way to help those systems - walks, meditation, tai chi / qigong, etc. any number of good ways to accomplish that.

For the diet, it is generally easier to know what to not eat than trying to follow strict guidelines of what to eat (which often contradict themselves anyhow) - so eliminate or limit fried and fatty foods, caffeine, sugar, fruit juices, and too much cold and raw foods.


Thank you for that last point! I went to an acupuncturist earlier this week and was given a diagnosis of liver qi stagnation with underlined phlegm. Trying to find a consistent diet was maddening! – except for the consistency of what not to intake, caffeine, sugar, fried food.

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