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Diaphragmic Congenital Defect


I had to have emergency surgery to repair a large hole in my diaphragm. It was repaired by stapling a 6" x 8" mesh over the right area, above my liver. My intestines and stomach had moved up into my chest cavity and collapsed part of my lung. The gallbladder was also removed.

I have read a lot about the mesh and complications from erosion and adhesions. I want to know if there are any pressure points or "things" I might do to ensure positive healing and preventative energy to help in a complete recovery. I am 59 and in relatively good health, otherwise. Any advice or thoughts as to making this a positive experience will be much appreciated!

Thank you,



Acupuncture is often used to help tissue healing post-surgery and, of course, for general wellness and prevention. I would recommend acupuncture both to facilitate the healing from the surgery, but also to aid the functionality of the diaphragm and the circulation in the "middle warmer" organs (stomach, spleen, liver, etc.). Your acupuncturist may recommend using a technique called moxibustion, perhaps on CV 12 and/or ST 36 as a home treatment that you can do along with acupuncture to create greater change.


to stop pain try softly self massage the point Ren 15 and Sp 21. this 2 points all can stop stomach pain, even whole body pain.

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Feng Mei

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