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Diagnosis - yang deficiency and blood stasis


I read in the book Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia on page 61 that a bluish purple root signifies cold and blood stasis in the lower burner, preceded by Spleen and Kidney Yang deficiency leading to more serious development of internal cold and thereby obstruction of blood movement leading to blood stasis. The symptoms include chills, coldness in limbs, edema, impotence, abdominal pain, low back pain, deep firm pulse. Why does cold and blood stasis also lead to watery stool and clear, copious urine? There are some basics that I must have missed, as I remember in my beginning level, I was simply told, cold equals yin and water… but no more clarification, and I can’t make the connection between cold and stasis with this diagnosis. How can you explain watery waste excretion in the context of yang deficiency with cold and blood stasis? Thank you.


Yang energy provides movement and heat, among other things. Without sufficient heat from yang, the cold causes water to condense and accumulate. It is the same concept as when the air cools and moisture and dew form. The blood carries the water. So with the blood not moving as smoothly, and with the excess water being drawn out from cold, swelling/edema begins to occur.


The part I don’t understand is why there is watery stool and clear copious urine?


There is more to it, but the simplest way to understand is there is simply no strength to hold on to anything or process it. So the body just dumps what it can as quick as it can as it doesn’t have the fire to utilize it.


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