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Diagnosis by moxa


Submitted By: kupy


A lot of time ago, i have read about diagnosis by moxibustion of first and last point of meridians.

Someone know about that and can give me link that proves this?



I&#39m not certain what you are asking about, the closest technique I know to what you are describing is Akabane testing - this is described within our intradermal treatment page (about 2/3 of the way down on the page).


thanks for quick answer.

I think that exactly what I asked

I remember that it was diagnosing meredian for deficiency / excess by warming first or last point of meridian and counting second for reaction of patient. If patient reacts too early - thats talks about excess pattern of meredian. On the other hand, if patient reacts too late, thats mean deficiency of meredian.

Thanks a lot

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