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Diagnose via skin issues


I am currently reading a book about cosmetic acupuncture. Am finding it very interesting and easy to read. Further more, something in the book really got my attention.

When talking about Spleen, the book mentiones that the it has the role of providing nutrition to the body and also to circulate red blood in the periphery (while the heart circulates it in main body)

It says that splean is most to blaim when someone is skinny and can't get weight even more if this problem is combined with skin issues on the periphery.

Now i am skinny, have at least 20 pounds less than i would want to have.Am tall 186cm (6.1 feet) and weight only about 165 pound. Problem here is that i know a lot about nutrition. I eat 5 meals a day and only healthy food (beans,lentils,grain,fish,coconut oil, olive oil,all kinds of seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, dried foods, so only natural food, no junk food, no refined, no sugar, no chips) and also work out with weights (and doing it in a proper way, changing routines etc.) but i just can't gain lean mass, and as soon as i miss a single meal i lose weight. I also see undigested food in my stool and floating stool.

Now, since i covered the weight(skinny)/splean connection, i am going to the skin connection.

I have skin issues only on my hands/feet/face. The rest of my body is normal, but my hands and face have dry skin, specially when i get out of a shower. Than it itches and i have to apply coconut oil, and than its okay.

Also, the skin colour on my hands and face is not clear, i have redness around my nose mixed with paleness, and purple circles under eyes, my hands are also very dry and they are the same level of redness, but more in the winter. Now in wormer times they look kind of normal, but still a bit red, mainly on the knuckles.

Also, my feet and hands are often cold. When i take my socks off, my feet always get cold, even in the summer if i am inside. If i am on the side, than they are okay.

On the other hand, my face doesn't tolerate sun to good, it gets red fast, while the rest of my body tolerates it pretty good.

Weird thing is that my feet never get colour from the sun, they always look much lighter than my legs even though they get the same amount in the sun and the colour of my hands also always varies from the rest of my body.

I also obviously have an inner heat rising problem and excess of phlegm.

This to me looks like a clear spleen problem, and i wanted to ask, does anybody else here agree with that?


The TCM diagnosis is mainly basic on pulse and tongue, you need a detail provide your conditions to a practitioner who face you.


Yes, i understand. Entire picture must be seen, not just the pieces.

Still, have to say that i was intrigued with my issue since i have cold extremeties, and the skin on my face and hands is dry(yin issue), but than again, my hands and also the part around nose/mouth on the face are red which is a sign of &#39&#39fire&#39&#39.. (yang issue) and it just doesn&#39t make sense to me at the moment.


Also, when i have hot shower, my hands turn very red but they are still cold even though the water is hot. A lot of time needs to pass for them to get warm, but if its winter time, by than the hands are glowing red.


Your food style looks like too cold. For your age, some junk food isn&#39t all that bad, you may try some junk food once or twice a week, it may good for your body energy supply. Drink some chocolate milk may good for your blood circle.


Undigested food in stool indicates Spleen qi and Spleen yang deficiency. Floating stool means that there&#39s gas trapped in the stool, which may be caused by bacterial infection of the guts. You definitely should consult a practitioner. Since your digestion and absorption are poor, you may be malnourished. Your skin problem may be caused by the malnourishment - the Spleen failing to nourish the flesh, or it may be the expression of toxins in the body. It may be a combination of those factors. A good practitioner should be able to help you sort it out. You may know that there&#39s an Earth or Spleen school of Chinese medicine which focuses on the central importance of the digestive system in health and disease. Your skin problem is likely just the surface signs of much deeper imbalance.


@Feng Mei, yes, i try to make Pizza once in a couple of weeks and i eat it all myself :) Also, i often make different kinds of kidney beans, black, red, azuki, white etc. and i eat them very warm, also lentils etc.

@lokkwan i was in doubt whether i have Spleen blood or Spleen Qi deficiency. I realize the importance of digestive system in health, even functional medicine (not western, but the one that seeks cures in herbs and supplements) says that without good gut there is no health. Digestive system is our first and most powerful defensive tool.

I should also state that i have a chronic condition of excess phlegm, dripping from my nose to my throat. Green in the morning, after that i irrigate my nose with saline and than it is clear. It hapens the most after i eat, so i think that symptoms is also related with digestive system (St. 40 point should be used in my opinion). I also have a constant red throat without pain, so there is some heat rising up.

Finally, i have to say, i am planning to see a practicioner in a very short time notice. However, i must state that i live in a very small and poor country where Acupuncture almost doesn&#39t exist. Only practicioners i heard about are in the capital of my country and i don&#39t live there. That isn&#39t the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that they are not experienced, they exist for a very short time and have only done some crash courses about acupuncture. I am afraid that i would probably get better advices from a forum like this than from them, but i will risk it. In a couple of days i am going to the capital and will make an appointment and hope for the best.


Why you eat so many beans? they are very undigest for your stomach, seeds & nuts also. Chinese people eat Tofu instead of beans. I think you need stop eat bean for weeks, let&#39s see what will happen. And I knew you eat raw vegetables, I think you should change to cook soup of them to eat.


Well i eat beans only once per week, but every week another kind of beans.

Yes, i eat raw vegetables, raw spinach, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, but i also eat cooked carrots, cooked cabbage, cooked mushroms...

As i said before, i am skiny, but when i eat a lot of grains, i get fat but only in my stomach, and than i am skinny fat which is the worst combination. That is why i eat seeds and nuts, because they make me full but don&#39t make me fat, they have good proteins and fats.

I know there is a big disbalance in my digestive system, i just don&#39t think that i can fix it only by different food.


How is your blood sugar level?


My blood sugar and blood pressure are both perfect. I am 25 years old and i have never experienced symptoms related to blood pressure or blood sugar, never had a headache in my life, never felt like i was going to faint, never had to sit down and take some rest..

I don&#39t eat sugars or cakes, cookies etc. I eat only dried fruits, banana, maybe honey from time to time and 70-85% dark chocolate with organic unrefined sugar. I also take banana&#39s from time to time etc.

Have found a practitioner in the capital of my country that has 15 years of experience, will be going soon to get my diagnose.


Finally went to see a practitioner today.

After looking at my tongue and palpating my pulse, she asked me if i was born either to soon or to late, my answer was yes, 1 week to late via caesarean section.

Her second question was-did i have testicular hernia issues when i was a little child-the answer was once again yes, i had it but it got fixed on its own.

Third question was regarding my back, do i simetimes feel pain and can correct it only in a certain position and my answer was yes.

Next she asked me if i ever feel my heart pumping- the anwer was yes, i hear it in my ears sometimes when i am sleeping or if i am using weights when working out (only when i do legs exercises)

She said the reason why i get sour taste in my mouth and why the back of my throat is red all the time is because of my liver. She saw that when talking about my health issues, and remembering the past tears start to form in my eyes even though i try to make a brave face and that that is also because of the liver.

She said that the reason why my hands are red but cold is because of the kidneys, also the reason why i have some gray hairs and dark blue rings under eyes even though i have no troubles sleeping.

There was some talk about my emotions, the fact that i tend to over think about problems when they are in acute state etc..

Final diagnose was as following:

Liver yang excess

Spleen and Stomach Yang/Qi deficiency

Kidney Qi deficiency

Points used in the session were:

Du Mai 20, Shen Men (ears) Yintang, St 8, St36, Sp3, Sp6, Liv3, Kidney3, Li4, Li11.

She told me that other points she thinked about using were:

Lung 7, Li20, Ren12 and &#39&#39Yiangmen&#39&#39 but i am guessing she meant either St21 or St22.

I personally didn&#39t feel anything significant during the treatment, nor now couple of hours later.

I wanted to ask if this seems expected, if points used are good, and finally, is there a herbal formula i can order that can correct this numerous issues of mine. (hope i am not asking to much :) )


Treatment time usually varies from the time you were afflicted with ailments also combining the variety of issues you have.

If possible make chicken soup add in some ginseng and gogi berries. Eat more protein nutritious food.

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