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Diabetes 2


I don't believe in taking pharmaceutical drugs. Although, they may see to help, but the side effects are deadly. What herbs do you pefer my mother should take to help regulate her blood sugar and pressure? She also suffered a stroke and brain damage. Thank you. msdrsw


Your mother should see a practitioner locally who can properly diagnose and treat her. Chinese Herbal Formulas are not based on conditions but based on TCM diagnostic patterns - for more on this see (What Does Acupuncture Treat?). Because of this you cannot truly say a formula is for "x" condition - there may be 10 that could be applicable for "x" condition and only 1 or 2 that are good for that person as an individual at that point in time with "x" condition and then months later another formula may be appropriate and the one that worked well would be counter-productive.

Particularly with the severity of your mothers condition you would be doing her a great disservice providing her with improperly prescribed medicine which is what you would get by trying to treat her yourself.

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