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Detox and Chronic Infections


Hi Chad:
I am going through a phase of healing chronic infections in which I am detoxing quite a bit. I want to continue to keep the immune points open and I am wondering how often/week (days/wk) to do Tong Ren on immune system points for chronic infections given the detox. With herbs/antibiotics you do them daily. (This is working better for me than herbs and certainly antibiotics.)
Sam LaTona


I am glad to hear that the Tong Ren is helping you and that your health is improving. It is certainly worthwhile to use the Tong Ren Therapy every day for chronic issues, particularly if it is proving helpful. Many of our patients with Cancer, late stage in particular, treat themselves or have family members/friends help and have daily treatments. More than once a day is generally not necessary and the treatment doesn't have to be very long.

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