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Depression & psoriasis


Hello Sir

I got 1 patient with depression & psoriasis, my diagnosis says he is with access yang pattern/Heat. But I am little bit confuse in point selection, if you can please help me out on this.

Tong:- paled like chicken flash + swelled from sides + no coating Problems :- depression & psoriasis, no sweating even on any hard work and summer days, Yellow colored urine, Loos stool.

Right now he is taking 1 medicine for depression and after stopping within a week he again get depressed, (don’t want to talk to anyone, just want to stay alone).

psoriasis :- major on legs and minors on whole body except head and face


Does the patient generally feel hot or cold? Do they say they prefer hot or cold temperatures? Do they sleep well - how much sleep? What points are you currently using and what kind of response have you had?


He generally prefers cold, but also don’t have any issue with hot, or something we can say that he don’t like hot. He is having sound Sleep without any awakens in night.

Points I am using for psoriasis are – SP6, P6, GB34, GB31, LI4, LI11, UB17, UB20, SP10, TW5, UB54

With these points I cannot see very good result in last 1 month

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