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Depression/Low Energy


I’m a 39-year-old female…I’ve been suffering from depression for many years and am looking to get out of it. Please suggest an appropriate treatment remedy. I feel tired and don’t feel motivated to do most things. All my thyroid tests…etc have come back normal. I am overweight as well. I feel very impatient as well and get angry quickly. Is it possible to provide any kind of assistance as to what I can do to alleviate the condition? It is not hereditary as far as I know.


You will be best served by finding a licensed acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine in your area and giving them 3-5 months to get you in a much better place. Certainly the issues you are describing are very commonly treated and generally respond very well to Chinese Medicine. But this is not accomplished by cookie cutter recommendations which is the entire antithesis to the power of Chinese Medicine (i.e. the tailoring to the individual) - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that. For laypeople, our blog, as of this writing, has 72 articles mentioning depression in relation to Chinese Medicine approaches.

Long story short, systemic changes is what Chinese Medicine excels at, it’s built into how it works with the body. With the right amount of time and a decent practitioner you will do fine.

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