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Dental issues


I had tooth ache for the last few days, in particular a lower molar that has been repaired extsively by a dentist recently, the tooth still alive and I did not have root canal yet. However with xray according to the dentist there is an infection under it (granuloma). I have taken antibiotics for 3 days and the pain is completely gone, however my jaw still feel a bit numb, I will continue the course of antibiotics for another 3 days.

2 dentists I have seen they wanted to root canal immediately, but I would like to save this tooth if possible as structually is sound, can acupunture help to clear the granuloma and save the nerve?


Probably a combination of oil pulling and acupuncture would be helpful yes. Oil pulling is a technique of putting a tablespoon of oil in your mouth in the morning and swishing it through the teeth and around the mouth for about 10 minutes then spitting it out. The anti-inflammatory and other benefits of the oil can help many dental issues and other internal problems. Acupuncture would help to reduce the swelling, control the infection and let the body heal.

It is hard, however, with internal problems like that so at some point a root canal may be a good option. Personally, I would try everything else first to avoid that.


In addition to Chad&#39s advice, I find coating a cotton bud with clove oil and swabbing the tooth can help nerve problems.

If there is a gum infection swabbing the area with a cotton bud with Po - Sum - On oil kills infections. Don&#39t be too liberal though.

I would consider taking a formula to cleanse the blood, although you say you are on anti-biotics and these should work, but could upset your bowel flora.

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