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Dental issues


I have a tooth nr. 19 that shows a cloudy area at the roots on an x-ray. I suppose there might be some inflammation going on. Sometimes I have a little pain. According to a tooth chart Large Intestine and Lung run thru this tooth. I have had chronic diahrrea for many years and now have chronic bronchitis since last year. Does anyone know if pulling this tooth would make my physical problems better?



Hi Gertrude,

As fas as I&#39m concerned it would not be necesary to remove any dental piece unless the choices have been checked like pain not tolerable at all and the tooth is almost lost or totally demaged

As you state and regarding these few signs and symptoms, it is possible that cold in the lower and middle jiao and heat in the upper one associated with dump heat maight be cousing this problem. Being lucky with my opinion it may be stagnated dump/blood with heat (bacteria) I would sugguest you be treated by an acupuncturist or herbalist preactitioner considering these facts.

Hope you are soon fine



I agree with Patricio.

I am curious. You didn&#39t mention if the tooth is restored. Sometimes toxicity in the canals (root canals) or inside the tooth structure resorted with a Non-biocompatible materials can interfere with the meridian flow, creating health issues.

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