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Demyelination of the Optic Nerve


I am suffering from demyelinating optic nerve. I am loosing my vision and I cant see distant things.Even my judgement of the speed or an article is low. Can you help me with a treatment for the same/


It is possible to slow or even completely stop the rate of degeneration with regular acupuncture treatments. And it is also possible to regenerate lost myelin. The first step is to diagnosis what is causing the demyelination in the first place. Broadly speaking demyelination is due to either inflammation or virus, and there are multiple conditions and diseases in each category. Do you have any other symptoms?


How long has this been happening and what other symptoms do you have? Have you already tried steriod treatment from western doctors - if so what results did you get?

Generally both acupuncture and potentially Chinese herbal medicine may be quite helpful, but it does depend on the underlying factors. You should consult with someone locally.

In most cases eye problems like this are related to the liver and kidney systems (not organs) in Chinese Medicine terms. Herbal formulas such as ming mu di huang wan or qi ju di huang wan are possibilities - but it depends greatly on the underlying factors.


The following are the symptoms that I face:

  1. The eye sight is detoriating over the years. Today it’s 4/6.
  2. I have become colour blind for the past 3 yrs now.
  3. I am unable to judge distance and hence I am slow while stepping down
    the stairs, and can’t even play many ball games as I can’t see/judge the
  4. Without specks I see lamp as it it is a bunch of light bulbs.
  5. Blurred image at times.
  6. Cannot see the face of people from short distance.

I started a homeopathy treatment for the same a few years back. I think it
did helped me but it is very slow.


Your best option is to find a local practitioner. There is not much in the way of treatment that we can offer other than the herbal formula Chad mentioned. While they might help, you would almost certainly achieve better results if you incorporate acupuncture treatments.


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