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Deficency of kidney yin and yang qi


How condact together at the same time the treatment of the patient with the deficency of both kidney yin and yang qi ?


First you need to be absolutely clear of your diagnosis... What are the patients overall symptoms? What is their tongue and pulse readings?


Dear Chad,

thank you so much for your letter and the intrest for my subject. I am a doctor of medicine but i am writting to Yin Yang Hause as a patient. My tounge was swollen pale and strong red . the diagnosis I know from the acupuncture therapist. From my symptomps I feel weakness, low memory concentration, tachycardia by walking, hypertonie (150/100) , strong sweating after walking or drinking warm fluids like tee, immunodeficiency. I have been healed since 6 years by different therapiest !!! And improved was only kidney yang energy . So I began to feel it as the better concentretion. It was very importet for my because I am a doctor of internal medicine and I could not normal work in the clinic. And last time I find on your site information about the deficiency of kidney yin and yang. And I have given the all written on your page points to my therapiest . And after 2 courses I began to feel excellent improvent - after long 6 years!!!! There are this points:

KD 3 - tonify KD

KD 6 - nourish KD Yin, could add LU 7, yin qiao ren mai

SP 6 - nourish Yin

CV 4 - nourish Yin

If empty heat is effecting the mind - HT 7 a/or KD 9

Urinary issues - KD 10

And my tounge is more pink than red now. I would like to say thank you very much that you place this information about the treatment on your internet page. Thank you so mach. i was prostrated.

But I and my thearpiest don&#39t know how together condact the therapie leter . When yin will be improve at the same time will yang going down or not ? Is it posible improve together kidney yin and yang or the better way is to make it separatelly.

Thank you very very mach



Dear Chad,

could you answer my question? How to keep the treatment when there ist both: kidney yin and yang deficiency ?

Thank you very much



The kidney system has interwoven yin and yang more so than other systems in the body. So long term yin deficiency will often impact the yang and vice versa. That said, one is generally more the cause than the other and this is where a professional can use all of the diagnostic tools to come to a clear diagnosis. Most of the herbal formulas like Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, for example, for KD Yin Deficiency have aspects that strengthen KD Yang and KD Yang formulas like Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan have aspects that buffer than Yin. Same goes for point protocols. So, again, proper diagnosis is key and doing this over the internet is not truly possible. That said, the vast majority of people who are not freezing cold all the time are more Kidney Yin Deficient with these range of issues.


Thank you very much for the answer and the herbal treatment recomendation.

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