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Deep needles question


I’ve been having acupuncture treatments for nine months. I have several different health issues I’m dealing with and it’s working great. One of which is vaginal itching and cramping in my uterus. Recently I went to see a new doctor in the same office. This doctor used different points than the doctor I usually go to six in particular points and went deep and used electrical stimulation. Since that visit(Friday evening) I have extremely painful lower back pain and lower abdominal cramping. Is it possible that this is a result of the “deep” needles? If so how long will it be expected to last? My normal acupuncturist doesn’t like to use deep needles he only did so once but not with stimulation.


I would suggest you ask this question to the doctor that you were originally seeing as they would be most familiar with your case and also be able to talk directly to the practitioner that you saw within their office to find out exactly what they did.

From a cursory read of your case I highly doubt that a few deeper points would create such extreme and broad issues - it seems more likely to be completely unrelated. But, if it was involved, your current practitioners would be in a better place to understand what they did and why that response may have happened. Generally speaking, these types of reactions from properly applied acupuncture are extremely rare and, if they happen at all, self resolve within a few days in most cases.


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