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De Quervains Tendonitis


Any advice for treatment of de Quervains tendinitis would be much appreciated.
Many thanks


Are you asking generally? or are you a practitioner? If you are a practitioner, treatment needs to be tailored to the individual. So, please start from the beginning so we can see if there is anything else to offer. What is the patients TCM diagnosis (and what supporting signs are you basing this on)? what treatments/points have you tried and to what effect (be specific)? What was your expectation of the treatment (effect and/or duration) and why do you feel you may not have received the response you wanted (what did you expect would happen)? What is the patients overall health like, their diet, any other physical issues?

To generalize, which again, is not the best way to guide you generally get better results if you work higher up (the neck, shoulders, upper back, etc.). While De Quervain’s is generally thought to be from repetitive movements - there are plenty of people who do repetitive work who don’t get it - so try to find the difference. Dampness can contribute to it, generalized inflammation can contribute, tight musculature/stagnation can contribute, etc.

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