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Darck circles under the eyes?!


Hello there thank you for your answers , and in addition to what i stated befor i suffer from a chronic dark circles under my eyes but some times when i do cupping over ST36 i notice they become less dark , please what to do ? ( i don't have anemia i checked it out recently)


Dark circles under the eyes are a sign of Kidney Qi and/or Kidney Yang Deficiency. You shouldn't cup ST 36. ST 36 is a largely tonifying point and cupping is a generally dispersive technique. Daily moxibustion on ST 36 is an age-old remedy for general fatigue, low immunity, and should - over time - help the dark circles under the eyes.

Unresolved allergies can also cause these circles, but that would generally still involve a kidney deficiency of some kind and moxibustion on st 36 aids immunity generally so it what I said above would still apply.


Under eyes area belong to ST channel, so do St 36 is helpful to take out the bad energy, and black color means blood stag. or cold energy in it. eyes also belong to liver, so maybe is liver Qi stag. also. for liver Qi stag. you should add four Gates: Lv3+ Li4 with heat lamps.

Thank you


Feng Mei


Thank you very much for your advices i just don't get why should i not cup st36 knowing that i notice the black color lessens after i do it also i feel less bloating ?



Thanks for posting on the dark circle under the eyes issue which is also my concern as well. I have been having it since last July. I suspect that it's related with my nerves' damage that was caused from the operation - I got 7cm cut between my 5-6 ribs. In November I decided to alkalize myself with lemon drink, hoping to detoxify my body but my doctor warned me too much alkalizing bad for KD and I may get KD stones. After while, I really got my good night sleep disturbed with frequent bathroom visits. Normally, I pee a lot but during night was frequent with little quantity. Whatdo you think?

Very much appreciate your advice.

Thank you


night time pee a lot with little quantity mean your kidney yin def. to tonify the kidney yin, you may take "liu Wei Di Huang Wan" pills, 3 or 4 pills a day, if things change better, you can go on eat the pill for 4 weeks a term.


Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate your prompt answer. I will do some kind of research about what is the liu wei di huang and will try to find it locally. If I cannot find your named herbal formula, will try any other alternative solution to treat my KD yin deficiency. I wonder if turmeric can do any help.

thank you again.


What does teeth marks at the edge of my tongue with strawberry like spots at the top could mean ?


This is answered in the tongue diagnosis article. Teethmarks generally indicate LV Qi Stagnation and strawberry spots at the tip indicate some kind heat in the heart (both together are common with anxiety disorders).


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Dark circles under eyes isone of the most common dermatological complaints.

And acupuncture treatment has done really some good things to to overcome from it instantly. Acupuncture to yopga all are beneficial in case of dark eyes.


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