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Dancing Needle


Im enquiring as to what this is?

Lately iv been light needling rather than forceful insertion. Im slowly inserting needles and if found im getting a much heavier and more noticable arrival of qi for both myself and especially the patient. Whereas before i used to drive the needle much deeper, now i get this big arrival of qi sometimes at half the usual depth. Whilst experiencing my needle dancing also. Once in, i come back to check the needles, and realise that more times than not the needle is actually visibly vibrating and "dancing" in the point. Iv noticed it alot at the likes of GB34. Before id drive the needle deeper.....less of a qi sensation, and NEVER seen a needle dance. This has been on a few different patients.

Is this "Dance" Qi? or is it simply blood vessels passing?


I'm fairly certain that is just the blood vessel moving the needle. As you use a more shallow insertion you are more likely in certain areas to be near the blood vessels.


If the needle is moving in a more rhythmical fashion, I equate it to a blood vessel.

If it's vibrating in a less consistent or rhythmical way, I consider it to be the qi moving the needle.

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