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Damp heat


I am seeing a practitioner for damp heat. I took excessive amounts of raw powdered greens (9 scoops daily for several months)on top of a mostly raw diet. She's treating me with acupuncture and and herbals. I felt better on the herbals for about 4-5 days but now when I take them, I become extremely inflamed. I'm wondering if this is a detox reaction (die off in Western terms). The ingredients in Free and Easy Wanderer are: bupleurum root, white peony root, dong quai root, poria, white atractylodes rhizome, chinese licorice root, dried ginger rhizome, chinese mint herb-

I have bentonite and montmormillate clay but she's discouraging me from using it right now.

How can I ease the intense symptoms? Are there herbals that support ease of detox and/or are there gentler herbs to dry dampness?



I&#39m seeing a practitioner for damp heat. I took excessive amounts of raw powdered greens (9 scoops daily for several months)on top of a mostly raw diet and high amounts of olive, omega oils, nuts, nut butters.

She is treating me with acupuncture and herbals. I was feeling better after 4-5 days on the herbals but recently I&#39ve become extremely inflamed when I take them. Could this be detox (die off in western terms)? The ingredients are: bupleurum root, white peony root, dong quai, poria, white atractylodes rhizome, chinese licorice root, dried ginger rhizome, chinese mint herb

I read the bupleurum can cause strong detox symptoms-true?

Also, years ago I had candida and so I&#39m concerned about the mushroom ingredient poria contributing to yeast (is that the inflammation?)

Are there herbals that can significantly ease detox if that&#39s what it is or are there gentler herbs to dry damp heat?



What in western terms are you seeing your practitioner for exactly (i.e. not damp heat). And what do you mean by inflamed, exactly? your bowels? your joints? generalized swelling?

Xiao Yao Wan, the formula you referenced, would not be what I would choose for a clear case of damp heat so that could be why you are responding poorly.


I am seeing this chinese herbal practitioner for what she describes as damp heat-I have all the symptoms-my joints/muscles ache, right side where gallbladder is, is slightly inflamed, no appetite, poor digestion, fatigue...

When I began taking this supplement, I felt better, then worse. I want to know if this can be an indication of gallstones, though an ultrasound revealed none. Also, I did an excess of raw veggies/high amounts (6T) of olive and omega oils, nuts, nut butters, etc..I should have introduced more cooked grains to my diet, now I realize that.

If this is detox, how do I get through it? Any herbals to absorb the toxin release?

If this is stones, is there another product/herbals to recommend?

If you wouldn&#39t recommend the product I&#39m taking, what could you recommend? Nothing with yeast/mushroom/HCL too hard to use


Personally, I think people say "detox" when it may or may not be the situation. The bottom line is, we ultimately don&#39t always know. There are plenty of times where it&#39s mostly a result of the individual doing a very harsh and rash desicion on foods, and the body is not prepared or equipped or accustomed to the extremes that this person is attempting to do- leaving this person having to do damage control. Yes some toxins, old illnesses etc may be pushed into the system, but then if the system is unprepared, or the person does this for months exceeding what the system can support on this harsh diet, it crashes. The digestive tract weakens and so does the qi. This can look like loose stool or constipation, fatigue, heaviness, headaches- a slew of things. People can be too extreme for their own good. There are some situations where a harsh detox is warrented (cancer/aids) but ultimately the average Joe is taking it too far and too quickly.

That said, no one can accurately tell you if you are detoxing or have been. You most likely did shuffle some vaccines, chemicals, old viruses etc. but you probably also weakened your system a bit too. Cases like this I don&#39t really care to define what is what. You have to look at your symptoms and treat where you are now and support bringing back harmony.

The reason why our intakes are over an hour is because this is not simple medicine. A treatment is and should be tailored to you therefore giving you advice over the internet is next to impossible if not potentially misleading. So the following could be by no means accurate.

Given what you have mentioned I am not convinced you are suffering from D/H. D/H implies excess in many situations. I actually would suspent you are defficent, not excess.

Si Jun Zi Tang, or something like that- along with probiotics, maybe some aloe and so on is probably where I might start, but again- I have no idea what the details of your story are, what you look like, your tongue, flesh, hair, pulses etc. I agree with the above in that I am not sure the formula you are on is one I would prescribe for this situation.


Curious, why would you consider cold damp if I ingested excessive amount of raw (cold, yes?) foods? Even now, when I try to take 1/2 t of raw powdered greens, I have an immediate bloating/inflamed reaction, specifically in my gallbladder region.

The product (Free and Easy Wanderer)seems to be helping but I have to take very little of it (1/2 pill 2 or 3 times daily)because I feel this sensation of heat in my stomach/esophagus otherwise-


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