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Damaged mingmen area


Hello YinYangHouse; My Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine has noticed some visible damage to my back in the mingmen area. She has been applying needles to the mingmen point to name one. My main symptom is impotence (erectile dysfunction). How effective is accupuncture for this condition? I have received accupuncture treatement for years; in addition, I have been taking Liu Wei Di Huang Wan herbal formula for two months. I also practice taic hi and chi gong for many years. I am in good shape from a western medicine point of view.

Am I on the right path for healing my impotence problem? Do you have any suggestions?

best regards;



Mingmen(life gate) is the point Du4, in TCM, mingmen damaged means kidney fire deficinecy, it can cause impotence, for treatment use tonify needling technique and moxa at: Ren4, mingmen(Du4), Ub23, and Kd3.


Acupuncture and herbal medicine is very effective for this condition. Stick with your practitioner for a few months and be certain you consult with them on the proper herbs for your condition if you haven&#39t already. Tell them everything you are doing to make sure you are not defeating what they are trying to accomplish by taking other substances or doing inappropriate exercises. Having someone who has physically inspected you and has a clear diagnosis is very valuable vs. help from forums where we don&#39t know all of your details.


Opening the mingmen is an important component of good/superior Taijiquan practice. This will flatten your yao - limbar spine/kidney area.

Look at a todler and see how this area is straight and flat compared to an adult. Your goal in Taijiquan is to Return to Nature in this particular case the flat yao with the open ming men of the unconditioned todler. Achieving this will enhance your Taijiquan practice. The yao is frequently mis-translated as &#39waist&#39 in English and students are encouraged to use their &#39waist&#39 to move the legs, torso and hence arms.

The use of the waist instead of the yao may be contributing to your problems, as to do so can easily agravate the ming men.

In your Taijiquan practice focus on the yao and the ming men in the middle of the yao use these to direct your movement. Root foot; Power thigh; Aim with your yao so that you can express with your arms and hands.

Please get back to me if this is not clear

Peter A Gilligan (Njdao here)

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