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Daily acupuncture


i have been diagnosed with yang rising heat and liver blood stagnation. i daily get headaches and red eyes from stress (and im always angry and frustrated and moody)

i used to get acupuncture treatments once a week , it helped a lot. unfortunatly i have no more money left for the treatments, so i decided to needle myself (im a first year student of acupuncture)

i read somewhere that in china people get needled daily, but here in the usa we do once / twice a week only.

my questions are:

- can i needle myself every day or itll "mess up my qi" ?

- should i needle the same points every day or i should choose different ones?

thank you



I've answered similar questions before if you search the site for "frequency" you will get my general opinions on the matter. For you as a practitioner I would say a few things. First treating yourself particularly without an understanding of what you are doing (but even with it) is not a good idea. For one it hinders your ability to learn and for two it is difficult to be objective in forming your own diagnosis. You could certainly do acupressure or even some moderate needling on a general point such as LV 3 or the four gates (LV 3 w/ LI 4) or take an herbal formula, perhaps something like Xiao Yao Wan.

Ultimately though you should receive treatment all through school for a couple reasons (and you must have a school clinic, no?, so treatments should be free/less expensive). Receiving treatments is good for many reasons not least of which it will show you that acupuncture works. Receiving treatment and actually getting better are two entirely different things and when you find someone that can make you better without requiring further treatment you have more than likely found someone you can learn a lot from. The other aspect of receiving treatment that is important as a student is that you learn very important things feeling treatments from a variety of practitioners.

My strongest recommendation for you as future practitioner, however, is to study and practice tai chi and/or qi gong daily. Find a good teacher and stick with it - not only will your health improve but you will greatly increase your chances of becoming a competent and effective practitioner in the future with the control and strength it offers.


Frequency of needling always depends on the condition being treated and the patient&#39s goals. If someone comes in with an acute back sprain or a severe respiratory infection then, yes, they will need treatments every day or every other day. If someone is coming in for a chronic condition they should come back less often, like every two or three weeks. For health maintenance they may only come once per month, for symptomatic relief of seasonal allergies perhaps only once or twice per season. These estimations hold true even in China.

I would recommend against treating yourself since you are a first year student. And I do think that every day would be way too much, especially over an extended period of time. Once or twice a week is probable more ideal and I would take a week or two off after every 5 - 10 treatments. Also, it sounds like you could really benefit from some herbs.


For someone w/ your sx I would recomend tx&#39s 2x weekly or acupressure 4 days weekly.

You won&#39t mess up your qi if you are choosing the correct points and it is best to alternate the points one point perscription one day and the other the next.

I do think you should choose to massage these points since you are in your first year, however I do think there is some importance in self needling most notably in acquiring a more painless technique to use on your future patients.

try massaging the Liver channel w/ emphasis on lr 2, 3, and any tender points along the channel. I would expect some tenderness in the lr 7 region. also massage the GB channel paying close attention to GB 41, 38, 34.

also massage your abdomen particularly the area under the ribs, lr 14 and GB26 and any other area that feels tender

you should talk w/ a teacher or clinic supervisor and find the correct formula.

Xiao yao san is probably not the best unless it is heavily modified. I&#39m guessing something like tian ma gou teng yin or maybe huang lian e jiao tang w/proper modifications.

also be sure you are drinking plenty of water and take a high quality fish oil daily.

Good Luck!

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