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Da Peng


Hi Chad:
Upon thinking about your answers from my last post I decided to try Da Peng. I had bought the book a few years ago but never did it as I was already doing another qigong form.
I read the book thoroughly then about a week ago decided to slowly work with it. I like that it opens the spine and then the last few are more calming and relaxing.
I have a few questions:
1. I find perhaps because of the challenges with the first 3 movements/positions that I do the last few for longer periods of time. How best to divide the time to get most benefit? It takes about an hour for me to do the whole thing.
2. How many times/day to do the entire "program" with chronic illness? I also do 30 min. of microcosmic orbit. The idea of 2 hrs/day seems like a good goal.

I have CFS but also PTSD with some panic/anxiety; with weak adrenals it sometimes causes faster heart rate so I go slow. And for some reason maybe related to the PTSD issues I have chronic fear. Fear sometimes worsens in the first few positions. I notice after practicing I feel great for awhile then shifting occurs (as mentioned in the book) and it can get a bit unpleasant physically and emotionally.
Finally, I notice a weird connection in my body to lower back issues and tightening of the uopper abdomen. I can relieve the lower back but then the upper ab area tightens; its a strange back and forth dilemma. It seems the fear is related to both. Just thought I'd mention that.
Thanks for the Da Peng suggestion.
Happy holidays.


The Da Peng Gong routine only needs 20-40 minutes to finish and practicing once a day should be sufficient. There is no reason to push your body and your energy so hard, particularly if it easily gets scattered from the panic/anxiety. Overtime those issues should resolve but not if you work too hard and try to develop too fast - as this may reinforce the same negative patterns. To answer your questions more specifically: 1) It is fine, if not preferable, to do the last few - particularly the standing movements, for the longest period of time. The first movements are to open the body and increase the energy flow and the standing helps you to balance and store the energy. 2 is answered above - personally I rarely go beyond 30 minutes/day with the da peng gong and then perhaps an hour of Tai Chi. This routine is an excellent one as it opens the spine and neck to create better circulation within the nervous system in the body. Overtime many of your issues should improve.

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