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D Aspartic Acid causing Brain fog, poor memory, fatigue,low libido.......Any help would be highly appreciated



I am posting this in hopes to receive some help on what steps to take next in regards to the extreme problems supplementing with D Aspartic Acid has caused me, as it’s currently making my everyday life very difficult.
Around 2 and half years ago I took D Aspartic Acid, a supplement that is marketed as a testosterone booster.I took it for 5 months on and off. In the beginning I felt great. But slowly I started having following symptoms and I discontinued taking DAA and the symptoms still exist even after 2 years

 Consistent brain fog even after a sleep of 8 to 10 hour for the past 2 years.
 Trouble concentrating, remembering, processing, learning new stuff.
 Low libido and sex drive.
 Lack of motivation to start working on things and no mental clarity. No feeling of emotions or attachment. I feel Senile all day long
 Difficulty digging up information from my own memory. I could not recall pretty much anything from what I learned.
 General mental and physical fatigue

An year ago I did see an accupuncturist and had about 5 sessions once every 15 days.I discontinued the treatment since it was 180 mile drive one way from where I live. He did electroaccupuncture on me and gave me couple of bottle of Herbs 1) Bupleurum and Penoy Formula ( Jia Wei Xiao Yao San) and
2) Da Huang ( Rhubarb ) by itself…I was taking both this together 3 times a day and took it for couple of months with actually more brain fog when I took this.

I don’t know where to go from here. What would you suggest ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated


It would be hard to recommend something for you without both your blood work and seeing you in person to physically inspect you. But, more than likely xiao yao wan was far too moving for you given the deficiencies that you are describing. Generally speaking you likely need some sort of kidney tonic, not a mover of stagnation. So if you are more cold than hot, something along the lines of jin gui shen qi wan, if you are more hot than cold liu wei di huang wan (both formulas are in the same class - but one is more for kidney yang deficiency and one more for kidney yin deficiency - see “My Kidneys are What?” for more).

All I can add is you have to be very exact with your diagnosis with formulas of this nature. Further if there are any signs of dampness - thick tongue coat, sluggish digestion, etc. you will probably have to have something to clear that first or use a formula that is created specifically for you by an herbalist instead of a fixed formula.

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