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Cysts on UB


Hello everyone.

I know a person which has 3 cysts each in a different UB point (UB4, UB5, UB7).
When a cyst shows up in an acupuncture point, does it mean there is a yang deficiency?

(this person also has a mild cystitis and many symptoms of a not functioning UB, like fear to lose control).

Sorry for my english, if it's bad.

Have a nice day.


No, proper overall diagnosis is key. Bladder control issues can be either kidney yin or yang deficiency as well as a few other issues like dampness. Cysts do not necessarily come from yang deficiency, in general they are more likely to arise from dampness. Dampness can arise from a combination of dietary/lifestyle and tcm pattern issues. In short, the location of the cysts on a meridian, should not be taken as a problem with that meridian and certainly not with the system as a whole.

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