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Cystic hygroma can be treat by Acupuncture


Can Cystic hygroma can be cure by Acupuncture. If not only surgery is only option then we need to go straight away for surgery or do we need to inject and wait for Cystic to reduce is size and then go for surgery


It can be treated, but it generally takes a very skilled practitioner and more than likely western options would be faster, more reliable and possibly even less expensive as acupuncture can take much longer to resolve these types of issues. There are, however, other options than surgery depending on the medical facilities you have available in your are (drainage, laser therapies, sclerotherapy, etc.). Not knowing the entire history it’s hard to give much more information but, generally speaking, these from from malformations of the lymphatic system and in some cases they can even spontaneously resolve - so depending on other health issues or anything else that happened in utero you can make a better judgement on what to do.

Acupuncture, even with western medical options, can still be useful in their are more immune system involvements, other contributing structural issues and/or other neurological/developmental issues. But points, would depend greatly on each individual case so you would need to see someone skilled.


I have approached child trust hospital in Chennai in Tamil Nadu in India
and they have informed me that they will start injection in to Cystic so
that it can reduce as much as can. Each injection will have a gap of 45
days and total of 6 cycle then they will go for surgery.

If we go for surgery whether they will be risk of getting paralyzed as
there are more nerve around neck

Kindly help us if you know better hospital in India and guide us which
treatment I should follow for my child as she is only daughter for us


Cystic hygroma treatment…


Please read my reply above - Cystic hygroma can be treat by Acupuncture


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