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Cyst on seminal cord


As stated above, I have a cyst on the seminal cord and it can get extremely uncomfortably at times. I was just wondering if it is possible to have it healed with Chinese medicine as I do not wish to have surgery because of my personal beliefs.
Thanks for you time


Generally speaking Chinese Medicine, both acupuncture and herbal medicine together ideally, can be very helpful for obstructions like this. That said, they generally get hard to treat the larger they get and/or the more they are the result of other complications (say an inguinal hernia as well, or history of repeated bladder/kidney infections as examples). Due to the nature of cysts they can be slow to treat, so you would need somewhat consistent treatment for 3-5 months more than likely. Surgery at times can be faster for things like this and generally goes well, but I do understand wanting to avoid that for any number of reasons. Even with surgery Chinese Medicine treatment both before and after should help the outcome of the surgery and deal with the causal factors to avoid issues recurring in the future.


Many thanks, I now have hope.


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