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cutaneo-viscero examination


What is the Japanese name for the cutaneo-viscero reflex examination and which acupoints are measured?


I’m not entirely sure what you are asking, perhaps you could provide more details. The cutaneo-viscero examination could mean a few different things, depending on what you are referring to, but the relationship between that and specific acupoints is not an entirely valid way of looking at this.

On average what this “reflex” is talking about is inherent in all of Chinese Medicine and is technically nothing new although some non Chinese Medicine health professionals in certain fields seem to describe it this way. Palpatory diagnosis is a hugely important part of the Chinese Medicine diagnostic system - i.e. palpating certain points and general areas which will help give information about what is happening internally via the skin/visceral/tissue connections. What this means is an internal organ issue, for example, will often feedback information via the viscera and associate tissues to the surface of the body where it can be palpated and evaluated and in some cases treated there as well. While also in Chinese Medicine, certain Japanese system heavily use abdominal diagnosis - some of these are described in our extraordinary vessel treatment protocols section.

If the abdominal diagnosis section doesn’t help highlight what you are asking, please describe in more detail what you are looking for specifically.

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