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Cure/Remedies for Hot Blood


I have a rare endocrine disorder called MEN1. One of the current chronic symptoms I deal with daily is upset stomach, nausea , constant heartburn and watery bowl moment due to a gastrinoma in my stomach. This is making my life very difficult and borderline unmanageable. I feel like my insides and blood is almost boiling. Are there any Chinese remedies that could help this problem? I have the best western medical specialist working on this and no one can solve the issue. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Acupuncture can be very effective in helping to regulate hormone/endocrine disorders. Herbal formula(s) could help, but acupuncture would likely help a lot more. You would need to see either an acupuncturist or a trained herbalist for them to proscribe an appropriate herbal formula. Both acupuncture and herbal formula address what the practitioner determines as the underlying cause of the symptoms, not symptoms themselves. So there is no one herbal remedy or acupuncture point protocol for endocrine disorders (or any other disorder).

Based on your symptoms I would also recommend some dietary guidelines. You’d probably do better on relatively plain, well cooked foods. Avoid fried food, spicy foods, and raw foods, that might help some.


Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) is an inherited disorder that can contribute to the overactivity and/or growth of tumors (most often non-cancerous) in various endocrine glands. The most commonly affected are the parathyroid glands, the pancreas, and the pituitary glands. With the parathyroid being the most likely to be affected.

While these are likely issues, it is entirely possible to have no or limited issues from the genetic disorder. It is also, of course, possible to have issues that have nothing to do with the possibilities of issues common with MEN 1.

In short, what this means is that your digestive issues have more complicated causes and proper treatment will likely require a combination of consistent western medical blood tests and possible surgery/surgeries over time to remove tumors when possible. The role of Chinese Medicine would be to both help balance the side effects of the tumors themselves and the western interventions and to help keep the body functioning as well as possible to avoid challenging the system.

As @Stephen pointed out there are no standard formulas that can easily be recommended to you. Your best results will come from working directly with a practitioner over a relatively long period of time. There is an good amount that can be offered to help you, both from a symptoms perspective and towards the tumors directly, but it will all be (and always is) individualized to your specific situation and adapted throughout your life.

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