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Cure for dyslexia

Hi my 7 yearold boy has dyslexia how can he be cured using Chinese herbal medicine

Without knowing the entire medical history I can only give general answers. You should consult directly with a TCM practitioner in your area. But, yes, generally speaking acupuncture and possibly Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful for dyslexia, but this often also has to be combined with other techniques such as neurofeedback among others. Treatment, however, can take some time, generally in the realm of 4-7 months at least initially.

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My son has dyslexia and he struggled through school. We tried ADHD meds but he was a mess. That’s when I did the classic test of writing a few short sentences on a board for him to copy before he went into 4th grade. Instead of looking at the bozrd, reading the sentence and then writing it. he looked up to write every letter of every word. 20 minutes later he was just finishing the 1st sentence and we quit. That’s when I had him tested. By then the schools told us thete wasn’t much tjey could do for dysgraphia or dyscalcula and even though we set up 504 modifications–a calculator and a laptop. He didn’t want to be different from the class and refused them.

I wish I’d known about TCM back then. I’m sure it would’ve helped him tremendously.

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