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Cupping Techniques


Submitted By: spkroth

Would anyone mind posting their experiences with sliding (moving) cupping with plastic cups, please? I have used plastic cups, but when looking at purchasing sets for my own practice, many of them show a disclaimer "not for use with sliding techniques." Any input is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes in your passion.


Unless the tension is incredibly light on them I wouldn&#39t do it. Some of the plastic sets are better than others but compared to glass they are all a bit sharp and grab a bit. Personally I would never slide a plastic set. Not because I don&#39t think you could but it wouldn&#39t feel right to the patient and compared to doing it with glass it would likely be less effective. If it&#39s pump sets you are looking for, they have nice glass pump sets that should slide (no personal experience). The best overall is traditional glass cups - particularly for sliding. I only use the plastic ones for small areas that are hard to do with vacuum cups.

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