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CTEPH-Chronic clots causing pulmonary hypertension

Is there any TCM for chronic clots in lungs knowns as CTEPH. Please help.
Thank you.

There are treatments for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension within Chinese Medicine. However, as with most issues, proper diagnosis of the underlying factors from both a western and, more importantly, a Chinese Medicine perspective is critical to planning a treatment (for more on this see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”.

In general, many patients would end up on some aspect of herbs that “invigorate the blood” in Chinese Medicine terms, such as Chuan Xiong. A general look at what this may accomplish in western terms is available in this study.

Herbs such as huang qi from the tonify the qi category may also be part of the equation. A biochemical look at why from the western side can be seen in studies such as this one.

In most cases you would likely not be taking individual herbs, but working directly with an herbalist who is combining formulas tailored to you along the way. In what are called “patent” or fixed formulas some variation of yu ping feng wan or ding chuan possibly with xue fu zhu yu wan might be a potential approach. Again, this all has to be sorted out with a practitioner who is deeply familiar with your entire medical history and watches you over time, adjusting the treatments as you improve.

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