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"Crook" neck


Greetings friend,
I seem to be having pain turning my neck, something formally known as a “crook” in the neck. I have tried I few things to loosen the tightness up such as; Epsom salt bath, massaging area with oil, applying heat bag, nothing seems to be working, it just seems to tighten it more. Today is day 5 and since day 1 the pain has just intensified, feelings of knots are in the shoulder/ back area. I don’t believe in taking medicine yet prefer all natural ways of healing. This is my first time experiencing this condition. Is there anything you can recommend for help? Your time is appreciated, thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you, talk to you soon.



I think our obvious recommendation is going to be to see an acupuncturist in your area. Neck pain, or pain of any origin, is regularly treated by acupuncture with good effect. If I can make a recommendation, albeit a biased one, is that you should see an acupuncturist who also performs tuina (chinese medical massage) and cupping. After a few treatments you should be either significantly improved or at least well on your way.

While limited, acupressure on SI 3 can be helpful, particularly on the side that hurts worse.

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