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Correct Posture - what if you have a splayed foot?



I just started studying some basic qi gong movements. Correct posture is strongly emphasized.

I am 55 and have had a slightly splayed out right foot as long as I can remember, I do know that I broke a few bones in it as a child and they did not heal correctly (you can feel them with fingers).

But I cannot say for sure this is the cause, I just don't know. What I do know is, if I try to correct my foot alignment (straight ahead) and do something like the Elipse Machine, I develop right hip pain.

So back to the qi gong excerices. It seems to me this is just something I have to live with - that is, that I should do the excercises observing posture as best I can, excepting the foot.

Would someone with experience agree with this, or - is there an alternative?

Many thanks.


You do, initially at least, have to work within the confines of your existing structural issues. You never want to force a posture, so what you are doing is just fine for now. You may likely find, however, that over time your alignment will start to correct itself as the tendons stretch and strengthen through proper training. All that said, only your personal instructor can truly guide your progress and answer a question like this with any accuracy. So if you don&#39t have one, your training will benefit immensely from finding one.

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