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Coronary arteries


I know that TCM doesn't function like Western Medicine, but i need to ask here.. My father had a heart attack maybe 2 weeks ago (he is 54 years old, non smocker, non drinker but lead a sedentery lifestyle since he had eye surgery because his retine ruptured)

He did some testing todays and results say two of his coronary arteries are blocked, one is 100% blocked and another is 90% blocked. Doctors say he needs an urgent double bi-pass surgery.

Was wondering how TCM looks and situations like this? Can the condition be fixed ''in a fast matter'' without compromising another onset of heart attack or is surgergy the preffered solution?


If you do not have options Chinese Medicine could certainly be used, that said, with blockages that severe surgery is called for. After surgery, however, treatment should be focused on the causes that led to that condition and when properly treated future problems should be avoided.


Yes, i though so. Unfortunately, i was telling my father for years that he isn&#39t leading his life properly but his answer was always &#39&#39i am not planning to live 100 years&#39&#39.

Thanks for the fast reply!


In TCM, there are several different patterns cause heart blood stasis( coronary arteries blocked), the best herb formula is "Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan". To avoid coronary ateries blocked and heart pain, the best herb formula is "Dan Shen Pian".


I&#39m sorry your father (and subsequently, you) is having such a hard time - 54 is relatively young for a heart attack these days, and it must have been a shock to all of you. Surgery would, in this case, be the best option but, as others have said, some Chinese Medicine after will address the reasons why he got into the situation.

Maybe this has given him a wake-up call? Perhaps he has had time to look around and consider the benefits of taking more care of ones self, and ones life? So, he doesn&#39t want to live to 100 but, most people would choose a few more years when confronted with it.

However, it IS his life, when all is said and done, and only he can live it. So, if he doesn&#39t repond in a positive way to his heart attack, there is little anyone can do but respect his choice. Frustrating though that may be, he&#39s a Big Boy now, and has to make his own decisions. If that happens, you must remember to look after yourself, and not expend too much time and energy trying to change him. As long as you love each other - and show it - then most things work out OK.

Good luck to all of you!

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