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Conundrum with menstrual clots/stasis, and possible heat


Recently I’ve been having an issue with very large menstrual clots and head hair thinning/falling out (which my research shows might both be a result of blood stasis). I have little menstrual flow aside from when I go to the restroom and pass the clots.
I also have short-ish cycles and I’m pretty sure it’s a luteal phase defect.
Whenever I take the suggested herbal formulas for the uterine blood stasis and warming formulas to help with the luteal phase defect, it seems I’m just getting more “hot” feeling, flashes, night sweats and then my period comes early (spotting day 22 or 23, then flow on day 25 or 26).
I also have to be careful about taking too much yin formulas, because I’ve had a tendency to dampness (weight gain, fatigue, loose stools) in the not distant past.

I don’t know what to do, I haven’t had much luck with local acupuncturists. I have nightmares almost every night now about my hair falling out and thinning worse. I really want to get that under control, and also the menstrual clotting and early periods, because it affects daily life. Any suggestions?


Before getting into a detailed answer, a few clarifications:

  1. What formulas, exactly, and in what doses over what durations have you taken?
  2. How long have your cycles been this short?
  3. And when you say you haven’t had much “luck” with local acupuncturists, what does that mean exactly - did they prescribe the herbal formulas or did you do that yourself? How long did you see them for respectively and what changes did you have?

In general, depending on your age and a few other factors you are realistically looking at 4-9 months of consistent and correct treatment to resolve issues like this. So if you haven’t given it that time frame, my initial suggestion would be to just see one of the practitioners locally and give them at least 3-5 months before you assume they are not getting you where you need to be…


Thank you – I was given custom mixed formulas and honestly don’t know exactly what all of the formulas were other than they were geared for what phase of the cycle I was in, and maybe symptoms. I went to about 8 months of treatment where I did have some improvement, but not really enough I thought, and then have not been going the last few months due to a move to a new home.
My cycles probably average 26-27 days, but the past few months have been more like 25. I don’t remember the last time I had a 28+ day cycle, a few years maybe. The clotty menstrual cycles are better some months than others, but this month was really bad. This has been about a year with this problem. The hair thinning has been for years, but I’ve noticed an uptick in recent months to where I find it all over the house now and it’s barely thicker than a pencil when I hold it in a ponytail…

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