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Control of DHT in acupuncture


how to stop DHT secretion using acupuncture


First you should read, “What Does Acupuncture Treat?”, for a beginning understanding of how Chinese Medicine uses diagnostic patterns to treat instead of western symptoms. What this means is you want to look deeply at what is happening, what related symptoms you think are related to DHT. What we call the kidney system in Chinese Medicine is the most related system to many of the sex hormones, thyroid, and related functions in the body (see “My Kidneys are What?”). That said you don’t want to nor would you want to “stop” DHT secretion - but by looking appropriately deeply and systemically at the overall situation you can balance a number of hormones with acupuncture. Assuming you are a layperson, you should consult directly with a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in your area.


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