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Contraction of gallbladder


Can i ask some comments about contraction of gallbladder, its cause and some acu points. The patient becomes thin, always vomiting, a little pain on right side of his abdomen not desired to eat. Thanks to all…


What other symptoms do they have? What about their tongue and pulse diagnosis? What is your overall diagnosis?

Are you asking for herbal medicine advice, acupuncture advice, both?

What have you tried and what has worked and what hasn’t?


Tongue has pale white coating with purple spots on the liver side(left and right) of the tongue and tongue moisture is very wet and the tongue looks shiny wet. The patient has a difficulties to feel the stimulation of needles even if those strong acu points. The patient is 70 yrs old. The patient also feels bloating if his stomach and lack of appettite. Acupuncture points and alternative herbal meds from your good knowledge will do. Your reply to this matter is very helpful to us. Thank you so much.


As of now, we have 1 session with points ST36, LV3, SP6, GB34, LV13, LV14, UB 18 & UB 19… this points is still under observation since we only have 1 session. Tommorow will be our 2nd session. Thank you so much…


First of all for a 70 yr old patient I wouldn’t recommend a strong needling technique, but that’s of course part of both cultural and practitioner preference. Or needling on consecutive days but again that’s just me.

Based on the tongue and bloating/low appetite there could be some spleen yang deficiency as well. I would recommend adding SP 3 and Ren 12. Moxa on those points could help too. I’m not sure I would use LV 13/14 or UB 18/19. I’d probably just use LV 8 by itself. Also I probably would not use GB 34 either as I don’t see any heat signs and the case overall seems to be a deficiency type and GB 34 is somewhat draining. If there is nausea with the vomitting you could also consider adding PC 6.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your reply.

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