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Confusion about Acne and the Ying and Yang


I am quite new to this stuff, and I am just a teen. My goal is to really find the true cure for my acne, I've done soo many experiements and researches. Seems to me that Yin and Yang imbalance really is the cause for all acnes.

I am eating lot more cooling foods like lot of raw fruits and vegetables and have been avodoing wheat, dairy, and oily and sugary foods.

I don't entirely see a huge significant change but since I just started this several days ago, I am hoping it will cure me.

I start to get oddly gassy sometimes when I changed my diet, could it be because of eating too much fibers? I don't get diarreah or my gut doesn't hurt though.

I just need some help on cures to acne thanks.

Also btw, I tried Dandelion before, drank 2 cups a day for a week. Thing is my acne got worse so i just stopped. I am not sure what the reason could be?


There are at least 4 type of acnes in TCM: lung heat, spleen & stomach damp heat, phlegm damp and blood stagnation, liver qi stagnation. So mainly is because of damp heat stagnate inside body can not be sedate out. Normally body heat should out of bowelmovement and urination, teenage people build body heat energy more fast than adults, so how to sedate the heat energy is important to cure acnes, first is sooth bowelmovement and urination, everyday drink at least 8 cups clear water will help, second, everyday should have a certainly schedule of bowelmovements, for example everyday first thing is go to restroom in the morning , third, everyday at least 30 minutes sports exercise to sedate body heat, like swimming etc. fourth, everyday should have enough sleep time for body relax(not too much computer time), fiveth, everynight before sleep use clear warm water to clean face. If you can do these correct, no need too care of food style. maybe you need some soft stool medicine to avoid constipation.


Not certain why you posted in the Tong Ren Therapy discussions forum as your question seems pretty generic. Are you asking about the Tong Ren techniques for acne or is this just a general question? If so, let me know and I&#39ll offer advice from that energy healing system specifically...

I applaud you for the changes in your diet that you have made - that is a huge part of acne, but know that as the underlying causes of acne are a range of hormonal and chemical imbalances it will take on average 1-3 months of consistent effort to make a change. The biggest ones to avoid are fried/oily foods and soda/sugar drinks.

The page that was automatically linked to below your post has all of the information on our site related to the natural treatment of acne within Chinese Medicine terms.


Whoops, I am new to this form I didn&#39t realize where I made this thread. Little bit confusing about all those words as I don&#39t know much of them.

@Feng Mei

Yea but that may not be the case here, atleast from what I&#39ve seen, I know lot of people who get like 5 hours of sleep, don&#39t drink much water or exercise but still have clear face. I know alot of other active, who drink a lot of water and still have acne.

I sleep around 8 hours every night, drink a lot of water also, and just started a better diet though its hard because at school they only sell refined breads and fried cheeseburger, I usually avoid them.

As for bowel movements, I do them once every 2 or maybe 3 days. Can&#39t really control that.

I just pretty much have tried every single acne remedies. It came to realization that It must be the American diet. When I went to travel to one asian countery and stayed there for 2 weeks I had no new pimples at all, and my active pimples were fading. Was amazing, but when I came back I even started breaking out on my back and stuff. Only thing I would say changed was my diet and probably the air.

Even now I don&#39t have much bad diet, I might actually have allergy or food tolerance but I highly doubt that.


Yea, I realized that whenever I eat things like pizzas, or cake then I would break out with few pimples the next few days.

I quit all sugary food from my diet for 3 weeks. I am still breaking out perhaps time will tell.

Also I practice a Japanese Martial Arts known as AI-Ki-Do, and it involves extending and letting your QI flow out of your fingers for combat advantage. QI consists mainly of the Yang right, does that have any effect on my body?

I just really want a clear skin, but I seem to lose hope when I try and don&#39t see much results.


"As for bowel movements, I do them once every 2 or maybe 3 days. Can&#39t really control that. "

This is the problem, a healthy person should have 1-2times/daily bowel movements, So you need everyday go to restroom to sedate your body heat. Try some "Fan Xie Ye" tea will help your bowelmovements.


I don&#39t really know what tea that is, and I am not really writing any excuses but my dad also suffers from acne and he has a bowel movement everyday, I used to actually have like 2 bowel movements a week when I was a kid, and I had no acne back then.


I don&#39t think your acnes are the same type of your father, adolescence body&#39s endocrine secrete very high, and also some body waste and toxic go into the large intestine become bowel movement, if you hold it, no to excrete it right time, it may reabsorb back into your body from large intestine, and the only way is sweating out, then the acnes happened. So think yourself, good luck!


Well according to the Yin Yang concept, acne is simply an excessive body heat which changes during puberty.

Its the damp heat thats trying to escape, so that can be controlled by diet, and best diets would naturally filter out and balance out the QI. Bad diets would generally cause strains to the digestive system as of what I&#39ve heard.

So what you eat is direclty related to bowe movements I guess.

Also I&#39ve visited Japan, and wow I&#39ve never seen anyone with acne there. Not even teens. The food there is very good quality compared to the crappy processed, genetically modified we have in the west. Japan consume more "cooling" foods and the fat they consume is generallly light and healthy not like the heavy bad quality ones here in America.

Actually I have been going to the bathroom more often as my diet changed. and I got little bit more gassy but now thats gone.


Yes, diet is one reason, but nutrition is need for your body, I think you just keep energy in and out balance condtion. keep sports exercise daily to exhause the extra heat energy, and you need make a certaintly schedule of restroom. You can google the "Fan Xie Ye" herb imformation.


I&#39ve looked at the herbal treatments, the pills.

Have never heard of them before, I am guessing they contain the proper herbs to balance out my Yin and Yang?

My parents said I should get Accutane which is a drug that dries the skin glands but it stops breaktous. I know about it but I just don&#39t really trust it, is the herbs a better choice than any other Western Drug?

One time I drank like 2 cups of Dandelion tea for a week. My acne got worse so I stopped drinking it.

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